lørdag 14. februar 2009

A beautiful day today! (And thanks for awards and challenges)

Since I have started this blog I have got some awards and challenges, but I have forgotten all about them. So I want to thank you for the greate awards I have recieved! One is from Petra.
I have also reciewed a photochallenge from Lill and Emma. I will look at this rigth now and get back to you tomorrow.
I know there are some more, but I actually have lost track of it since I didn`t do anything about it rigth away. So I want to thank you all! It made me happy when I recieved it!

7 kommentarer:

  1. Lovely photo - great expressions on their faces.

    I am so bad at passing on awards too!

  2. I have trouble keeping up with those challenges too, lol!

    Love the angle on the picture, it is great.

  3. Beautiful snowy photo - reading your blog I remembered that I forgot a challenge LOL Oh well!

  4. way too much snow for me LOL - but great picture!

  5. Utrolig kul vinkel å fotografere i fra. Flott bilde!