lørdag 28. februar 2009

I don`t forget to take pictures, but I have been a bit lazy downloading it to the computer.
February 26th,
at least we can see the sun from time to time. And the last week has not been as cold as the weeks before. maybe it is hope for the spring??
February 27th,
My litte firetruck is ready for carnival at the kindergarden. He was so proud!

February 28th.
This is my view from were I am sitting rigth now. There are a lot of snow on the roof, and as you can see it is about to fall down. It is a bit scary, because we have to walk almost under it to get to the car. I hope it falls down when we are inside or not home.

5 kommentarer:

  1. wonderful photos,love the first pic

  2. That is a great costume. He looks as determined as a fireman, too. Beautiful snowy pictures with the sun shining. I like the wavy edge of the snow about to fall off the roof. Hope spring comes your way soon.

  3. fab photos and that firetruck outfit is waaay too cute, love it!

  4. Wonderful pics...I like your little firetruck...so cute!

  5. these winterpics are totally stunning - and I love your littel fireworker