mandag 13. april 2009

I have been away for over a week...

Here is pictures for April 1st-3rd, the rest from our holiday on Tenerife (Canary Island) will come tomorrow or the day after. We came home today.

April 1st- birthdayparty

April 2nd, Lego is the big "thing" in this house these days.

April 3rd, we are looking at a 3d movie.

This is a little peek from our holiday. For me, this was the best that happend! I have alway wanted to se killer whales, and I almost cried when I saw them.

5 kommentarer:

  1. wonderful pics. I especially love the wal one - it's amazing!

  2. What fun pictures! I too love the whale one - beautiful animal!

  3. Aw, Gran Canaria... that sounds great! And so cool to see the killer whale!

    Great pictures too. Love the lego-pic, with the nice depth of field.

  4. fab photos hun, love that little lgeo cute! And that whale photo is just beautifu,. aren't they special animals??

  5. These shots are wonderful, love the one with the Legos and that while you are watching a 3D movie.